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Updated: Jan 26

Hi, I'm Lydia!

I've worn many hats in my day but never got the cowgirl one that I aspired to in the 1950s.

Yes, I'm a baby boomer! Raised by conservative parents who lived through the Great Depression and World War II, I learned to debate my opinions in public high school. My friends and I knew that a robust argument about how to fix civil rights or Viet Nam could derail the planned lesson for the whole class period. We took opposite sides and vigorously fought each other without rancor.

Recently I've realized that "Okay, boomer!" is an internet slur used as a last resort when a person can not articulate their position or answer factual evidence. It is supposed to be much harsher than 'old fogey' hollered to the crotchety neighbor yelling "Get off my grass!" 'Boomer!' is meant to be dismissive and end the validity of an opinion. It might even be a new swear word. When that word is slung at me by radical leftists or an uninformed young person, I answer like this:

I love being a boomer! I'm old enough to have had an excellent public school education that taught me strong academics and the arts. I'm old enough to have been taught critical thinking skills. I can debate with ideas rather than resorting to ad hominem attacks. Not only was I taught history, I've lived it and can offer perspective to discussions about current events.

So, call me a boomer if you wish. But as western writer Owen Wister had the Virginian tell Trampus, "When you call me that, smile." And maybe add a flattering adjective.

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