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My Two Cents: The Royals & Epstein

Updated: Jan 15

Author: Carrie Perrell

There have been many articles and reports about the supposed “defection” of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Today there was an article from TheBlaze with the headline “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to live in America – but only after Trump is out of White House: The royal couple announce intentions to ‘step back’ from royal duties last week.” This was written by Chris Enloe dated January 13, 2020.

If you read more than the headline (a rarity these days) you will find no statement from the royal couple nor any direct proof of the intent of the couple to stay away from the US until Donald Trump is no longer president. Such is the nature, it seems, of many articles these days

My two cents has to do with bewilderment at why anyone cares what these two do or what any royal does? Why are people so interested? I suppose when I was younger and less informed, I was intrigued by the royal family. I did watch at least part of Princess Diana’s wedding. I blame my interest on the Disney movies I watched and fairy tales I read as a child about young poor maidens being rescued by wealthy handsome princes and living happily ever after. But then I grew up. I watched the spectacle of the divorce and nastiness between Prince Charles and Princess Diana as well as the divorce between Prince Andrew and Princess Sarah Ferguson. They are just people--no different than the rest of us. I was no longer intrigued.

But then my apathy turned into something more akin to disdain with the unfolding of the Jeffrey Epstein saga. It is no secret that Prince Andrew spent time on Epstein's island. He had no reasonable explanation during his November 2019 BBC interview for pictures with his arms around underage girls and his reason for being on the island. We all now know what was going on at Epstein Island. So, why did this change my apathy to disdain? It defies credulity to believe that the Queen of England did not know what was going on. Is the English equivalent of the secret service (the MI6) so inept that they didn’t know where he was going and what was happening? Are we to believe that our own secret service was so inept that they did not know what Bill Clinton was doing there on his many trips to this Island? I don’t believe that for a minute. Now, I have no inside information. I’m just a woman who has lived 56 years on this earth and has some common sense.

My point is there is a lot going on with this story. There are even more reasons to not trust the royal family or be in awe of them. There are reasons to mistrust our secret service and our ruling political class. And maybe it’s time to give a little more credit to papers and alternative media who have tried to question this deception by mainstream media, political elites, and “royal” families. We need to stop idolizing people and institutions who do not deserve our admiration.

Oh, and let’s not forget—Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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