• Lydia Strickler

Paralyzing Fear in Young People

#Ok boomers just don't get it. I mean, don't you care that young people are obsessed with fear about global warming, mass shootings, and their financial futures?

I've been wondering why today's young adults are so pessimistic and now I'm pretty angry at those who feed their fears.

I remember being very fearful as a child that atomic destruction was right around the corner. The duck and cover drills under our desks didn't inspire much confidence and I was pretty sure my Dad didn't love us enough because he wouldn't build a well stocked bomb shelter like the rich kids had. I was often close to tears when a jet would break the sound barrier. During the Cuban missile crisis, the adults talked in hushed tones, trying to keep kids from panic, but the fear could be felt in the air. Atomic missiles located only ninety miles from Florida and the president, John Kennedy was not backing down!

In high school we were warned about the coming ice age and other catastrophes headed our way. But in spite of fear, there was optimism too.

In looking back, there were two main reasons that hope survived. For one, we were still being taught American history. Despite great struggles, America had overcome many flaws and many enemies. The nation that settled a wilderness, won freedom from the British empire, established a republic with a written constitution...that nation...had repented of slavery and was in the process of ending Jim Crow. We had defeated Nazi totalitarianism and landed on the moon. Our parents and grandparents had survived a great depression and now saw wealth growing. We were entering a computer age with unimaginable possibilities. Medical discoveries were rapidly changing life expectancy.

Americans are a unique people who overcome problems because of liberty.

The main reason my family had hope was our faith in a sovereign God. When I charged my Dad with neglect over the bomb shelters, he reminded me that God has promised that the world would continue until Christ returned. God had promised Noah with his rainbow that seed time and harvest would continue as long as God willed. Man was not able to destroy the creation held together by Jesus Christ himself.

Studies have indicated that one source of fear in today's youth is a lack of values.

Our continued secularization of society is taking a heavy toll on our young people.

Not only do schools need to return to properly teaching America's exceptional history,

homes and churches need to return to core religious teaching that is reverential and trusting.

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