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Planned Parenthood's Annual Report is My Business.

Facebook trolls will have you believing that abortions are as rare as taxpayers funding them in 2019. Violating the civil rights of the unborn is my business. Often you will hear me on the radio or when reading my articles calling out liberals. Conservative and moderate Democrats do exist, but they are a shrinking demographic. Far left extremists are whom I refer to as liberals. So, if you live in a rural community, love to hunt and protect your family, love God, and believe killing the unborn is wrong, don’t take offense as a Democrat at the word liberal. Liberals have a tough time understanding facts and intellectually processing facts. The information provided in this writing comes directly from Planned Parenthood’s annual report that they release in January of each year.

Let us start with the big lie: Planned Parenthood provides lifesaving services to women and assists them through life’s challenges. This one is almost as true as Jeffery Epstein killing himself, or that Epstein jokes are still funny. Planned Parenthood’s own report shows they have increased abortions by 4%. The 4% increase from 320,000 abortions to 345,600 abortions should be alarming. Nationally abortions are decreasing, but Planned Parenthood abortions have increased.

Other alarming statistics to consider are about the other services Planned Parenthood has offered in the reporting period of 2018-2019. Prenatal-care services totaled 9,798 along with 4,279 adoption referrals. For every prenatal care procedure, the organization performs 35 abortions, and for every adoption referral, it performs 81 abortions. Over 40% of all abortions are performed by Planned Parenthood. Good health services decreased, and abortions increased. And yet, Planned Parenthood still received over $600 million tax dollars in the reporting period. This organization plans and strategizes for abortions. (Abby Johnson exposed this many years ago.) About 95% of pregnant women who walked into Planned Parenthood had an abortion last year.

Cancer screenings have been a talking point by the political left and their advocates for years. In 2018-2019 cancer screenings decreased by 4%, and by 68% over the last decade. Contraceptives distributed to have safer sex and prevent unplanned pregnancies are also decreasing. Contraceptives are down 34% from the previous reporting period. Planned Parenthood diagnosed 240,000 sexually transmitted diseases, (or the politically correct term sexually transmitted infections). Following diagnosis, the organization only treated 43,000 cases.

Since 2009, there has been a drop of 600,000 patients, a 20% drop for the organization. Meanwhile, government funding of tax dollars has increased along with performed abortions. Planned Parenthood receives reimbursements from Medicaid, school districts, and universities through partnerships. Using schools to conduct abortions is appealing to the abortion industry because schools are less likely to have massive protests outside, unlike the usual abortion locations.

My business is the protection of the unborn’s Constitutional right to life declared under the 14th Amendment (1789) Section 1. As a Live Action Ambassador, who shares education through my personal Facebook page, I am shocked by the hideous images and stories that come out of these abortion rooms. To respect the sanctity of life everyone should watch the Amazon documentary titled One Child Nation. This documentary covers Communist China’s law to have only one child, preferably a male, to control population. Single-cell bacteria on Mars would be dubbed life on Mars. Maybe liberals should see a “clump of cells” as life on Earth - if they even care or understand about facts and science.

Planned Parenthood Annual 2018-2019 Report:


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