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Agenda Driven Repressive Tolerance

After a friend told me she had to quit her new job over conscience issues, I thought that repressive tolerance was coming to small town western Pennsylvania. When I tried to get elected officials to help her, I knew repressive tolerance had come to small town western Pennsylvania. Here’s a paraphrased summary of her messages to me:

I just quit a very bad job. I was hired to do counseling at the High School and Vo-tech. They just said I would counsel kids with normal teen age problems. And that is what they told the school. My trainer lied to the principal telling him the counseling would be about normal issues like getting along with parents or getting a job. She said they would not give out condoms or talk about LGTBQ issues or give advice about birth control or abortion. This same woman told me it was none of the principals’ or teachers’ business what we told or did for students. I was not to be friends with those adults.

I had to go to for a two day training in Harrisburg with most people promoting what they called the 'queer agenda'. We were to counsel teens about gender, contraception and help them figure out what kind of ‘gay’ they might be. One woman bragged about taking a young girl out of school to get a uterine implant without her parents’ permission. Later I was asked to do this, despite pending lawsuits. I was to hand out surveys suggesting alternative lifestyles to students. There were quota goals for the distribution of condoms and reaching new students with their information. I watched my trainer target loner kids for her agenda. I was verbally battered by my trainer because kids didn't want to talk about the agenda. She told me I was too old to work the program. She said very discriminating, belligerent, and demeaning things to me. This agency does not get paid by the school districts. They apply for government grants to run the organization. This is why the schools are willing to have them in.

I will show you the surveys and our training manual.

As I read through the training manual, I was struck by the various ways workers were to refine their message to gain acceptance. One of the most dishonest and egregious was a chart declaring that the Bible did not forbid any kind of sexual behavior by unmarried teens. It was a complete twisting of sacred writings. There was also similar material targeting Muslim youth.

The material also made me ponder the grooming of young people for alternative lifestyles. Instead of seeking to help students with gender dysphoria, some are willing to experiment on them. Instead of allowing most kids to keep their innocence, some are willing to trap them into a sexuality for which they are not ready. Yes, I remember those raging hormones! But if kids aren’t old enough to smoke, to drink, to drive, to work full time, to marry, and to support themselves, they should be given strategies to wait for sex until they are older. 'Adulting’ carries serious responsibility.

Teach the facts of life, for sure! But remember teaching those facts of life is the prerogative of the parents. This program offers parents a paper to opt their child out of the counseling. If most kids were like I was, the paper would never make it home. It would be lost in a messy locker or backpack. That is designed to ensure most students are available to this agency.

And remember that teaching a religious view of sexuality belongs to the parents and faith community, not a government funded agency. The Bible is still very clear about faithful sexual relations in the sacred bond of marriage between one man and one woman.

Anything else is a false representation of God's good gift.

“Repressive tolerance” was the political theory of German born Marxist Herbert Marcuse. His 1965 essay, widely circulated in academia, proposed that classic liberal thought of equality under the law (including free speech, freedom of religion, private property, and other inalienable rights) kept society from equality of outcome. He not only saw American constitutional government as repressive, he felt our rights needed to be repressed to build a proper utopian society. Marcuse was a master at changing the language to control thought in western society. We have long been warned that radicals want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America. Part of the transformation has come with an attack on the family and the religious underpinnings of morality. Repressive tolerance is used to keep logic and facts from a discussion. It is political correctness run amok.

There are some issues so touchy that many politicians and leaders are afraid to deal with them. It is possible to say, "I do not want to persecute anyone"' while still being willing to tell an individual what the Bible teaches: human sexuality in marriage between one man and one woman is a gift from God. Anything else perverts His plan. It is possible to protect the majority of our youth from serious harm without treating others disrespectfully. It must be possible to preserve our freedom of speech and religion without fear. May we seek true wisdom for this task.

*Classic liberalism and the American conservative movement are very similar.

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