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Does southwestern Pennsylvania have an information distribution problem? I would raise my hand for yes. The geographical area that falls under southwestern Pennsylvania has many newspaper outlets, but not many do accurate reporting that is objective. Local news stations keep their hands clean of local politics and rarely cover state politics. Social network groups are controlled by internet trolls with agendas. So, where do we get our news, conservative opinions, and insider information on corruption?

The Constitutional Conservative Coalition is the destination for those who are truth-seekers looking for news without a leftist twist. The blog will include opinion pieces along with news regarding local and state politics. This journey began in 2019 but has become a reality in 2020. We hope you follow us and participate in social media, podcasts, radio shows, and more things to come later in the year.

2020 is a crucial year for national and state elections. There is a brutal establishment versus grassroots primary battle beginning in the Mon Valley. The President of the United States has been obstructed every step of the way by both parties. This year is crucial to provide resources to the electorate for information, news, opinions, and how to get involved.

Join us on this journey, become a contributor through donations of money, information, articles, and more. There is plenty to be done and we hope more people join in.

Contact cccmediaorg@gmail.com to join the blog

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